The IV Thingie is so good for me.

The story: "I created the IV Thingie after my four old daughter suffered an acute asthma attack and was hospitalized for two days. She could not understand how the 'boo-boo' in her chest meant that she had to have a needle in her hand! Each time she looked at it, she relived the trauma of when it was first inserted. This was unequivocally the worst part of her hospital experience; so much so that I became determined to find a way to 'hide the scary'. Exactly three years later, she was admitted to the hospital for another asthma episode. Getting the IV proved to be just as scary, but this time she was prepared to cover it up. It made all the difference! She was only sad we didn't bring more Thingies for other children who needed them." K.D.

Description: The IV Thingie is available in several sizes and patterns. Once tied, it can be slipped on and off as needed, allowing easy access for nurses. A patient may keep the IV Thingie for future hospital visits if necessary, as it is washable and is intended for multiple use.

Other Uses: The IV Thingie can be used to cover a cast or splint and can be tied onto the tops os crutches. Alternatively, they are effective as just 'hand thingies', cozy indoor gloves that are great for hospital patients and nursing home residents who have poor circulation and complain of cold hands.

Benefits: In addition to hiding the scary, the IV Thingie does not interfere with a patient's ability to eat or write. Although it is a natural 'kid item', the IV Thingie is appropriate for all ages and may be especially appreciated by ob/gyn patients or anyone needing regular IV treatments as outpatients.

The Hip Hep Cover Up

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Hand Thingies

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